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walton bridge park meeting

Update from the President
Anne Jones, Rob Whyte and myself met with The Gap Residents Association representatives, Chris Taylor and Joseph Corbin on Sunday in Walton Bridge Park to discuss the TGRA proposal. This amicable meeting addressed the concerns of SOWN and should result in changes to the proposal. Major changes to the proposal include the removal of extensions to the carpark, movement of formalised creek access to under motorway bridges, and alteration to the public access pathways. The proposal will be re-drawn with the results being available in about a week.


Community Consultation 13 September from 3pm
Community consultation afternoon at Walton Bridge Reserve Lions Shelter on 13 September from 3pm

Cr. Toomey has sent me a letter asking for comments on the proposal. He has also advised that he will be "holding a community consultation afternoon at Walton Bridge Reserve Lions Shelter on 13 September from 3pm."
I urge members to attend this meeting; in the meantime members should contact Cr. Toomey's Office and submit their views regarding the master plan.
Cr. Steve Toomey's email address is TheGap.Ward@bcc.qld.gov.au

TGRA Master Plan

Concern over The Gap residents proposal
Below is the text of an email sent to the President and Secretary of SOWN the content is self evident. This is followed by comments from the president on this issue and a report on a lengthy conversation held with two members of The Gap Residents Association (TGRA).

> I just wanted to alert you to our concerns over The Gap Residents' Association masterplan (attached) for Walton Bridge Reserve. See their email announcement below. The proposal would severely compromise Walton Bridge Reserve bushcare site.
> Rob and I, with a number of other dedicated local volunteers, have been managing Walton Bridge Reserve bushcare site since 2003.
> Our work during this time has included:
> - working with Brisbane City Council Habitat Brisbane program
> - removing rubbish and litter from the creeks (Walton Bridge Reserve is at the junction of Fish Creek and Enoggera Creek)
> - removing weeds from the site including weed trees, vines and grasses that were choking right down to the water's edge
> - replanting with locally-native plant species, more than 10,000 plants in 12 years, including about 1,000 since 1 May 2015
> - cleaning up debris and damaged vegetation after flooding - major floods during this time were in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 1 May 2015.
> Our concerns are:
> - The plan demonstrates a lack of sympathy for existing remnant bushland and revegetated sections of the creeks. Walton Bridge is an important section of the local wildlife corridor.
> - The plan would require removal of large amounts of vegetation this includes important remnant vegetation and revegetation areas.
> - Significant construction is proposed for the flood zone.
> - Hard finishes on playgrounds and discovery area will increase overland flow and compromise remaining vegetation during heavy rain.
> - The plan would significantly reduce the amount of open space, in what is already a fairly small park.
> - The feeding of ducks and other birds in a natural setting is not recommended by ecological scientists. This feature requires removal of huge remnant and replanted trees and exposes one of the best shaded habitats to destructive affects of too much light.
> - The proposed bush trail mountain bike would leave no open space in Jevons St Park and require removal of important remnant vegetation.
> - There is no need for additional carparks. The park areas are small and expansion of parking will further reduce the area available for recreation. The parks are easily reached by walking from bus stops and existing parking, and can be easily reached from the existing walkway along Enoggera Creek connecting Romea St, the local shopping centre and schools. There is ample parking for the size of the park. Increased parking in a small park will increase the risks to children playing in the park.
> - A new raised boardwalk in the creek bed will be an expensive engineering task and vulnerable to being washed away each year in floods. It will trap woody debris and cause erosion to the creek banks. There is already an existing walkway along Enoggera Creek. Money would be better spent helping volunteers control the weeds and rubbish along this walkway.
> - The aquatic discovery area requires removal of large remnant trees and revegetated areas. It is putting built structure in the creek at a spot severely affected by flooding. It would trap flood debris and likely be washed away in the first major flood. Debris from Enoggera Creek makes its way to the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay. CityCats services have been cancelled in the past because of flood debris.
> - The amphitheatre is fine as it is. Terracing the lawn would make it harder to maintain and a new stage is not required, the existing one is perfectly fine.
> - The "new lookout" would have to be 10m high or more to see anything and would be built right in the middle of a) the centre of the best remnant vegetation and b) probably Aboriginal meeting-camping area.
> - There is no mention of the Auntie Rita Huggins memorial - disrespectful.
> - There is no sign of the existing sewage system. There are a number of access points in the Reserve which need to be upgraded. This is a good opportunity to grapple with this issue.
> I've contacted Cr Steven Toomey's office and Kate Jones office.
> Cheers, Anne 

Tools and equipment Please return to Nursery
SOWN is conducting an inventory of all tools and equipment and we need to assess the condition of our assets for insurance purposes. Please return any equipment to the nursery ASAP. Should you be unable to return items could you please contact me by email or phone and let me know what items you have borrowed.

email: leolee1@bigpond.com
mobile: 0409 536533

Saturday Volunteers Needed Urgently
Can you spare two hours once every two months to help out on Saturdays at the Nursery? Experienced bush carers are always welcome, but if you are not confident in your ability there is plenty to do and you assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you can help please contact Dawn Whyte, email dawn@toadshow.com.au , tel. 3870 1747

Combined Nursery Day, Community Event, National Tree Day
What a great success, a big thank you to all those who helped on the day. The large crowd was well entertained and informed. 

We need your wire trays
Wire trays are urgently needed at the nursery. Even if you only have one tray the nursery needs it. There are fewer than ten trays to fill new orders. You can drop your wire trays beside the gate at the nursery any time, volunteers will take them inside every few days. Thank you! 




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